The Conscious Room

Welcome Conscious Entrepreneur!

What if you had support, advice, inspiration that changed everything? What if you realised you were not alone and felt included and guided in a way that nurtured not only your career and business but your SOUL! So you’ve been made redundant at work or you’re looking to get back into work after parenthood?  Perhaps you’ve just feeling corporate burnout or maybe you are feeling lost need some guidance about what to do next.  All of those situations are super common today and some come with some mighty challenges that often force us to look for more meaning in our life. The Conscious Room was created to to learn how to manage what can feel like a life crisis, is really the modern-day rite-of-passage.

Entrepreneurship is now the skillset that everyone needs to have. Why? Because entrepreneurship is about being resilient and having self-confidence. This exclusive community is about achieving support, inspiration and information to awaken success in your career or business. You can join as a member to be part of our monthly coaching group, you can sign up to our private Facebook group and coming soon is our TV Show! Yes exciting times – so stay tuned! Please take a look around and reach out if we can answer any of your questions!  So welcome and from Scarlett & Our Community.