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Welcome to The Conscious Room TV, where you will receive all the tips and inspiration to build a career you love.  Check out the trailer to find out more about the show or watch the full episodes below. Each of our guests becomes part our Conscious Room family and growing community and we are so proud to have them involved. If you would like to be a guest, you can apply HERE.

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‘Time for Self’ Love – Mario Halouvas

Meet Mario Halouvas – A Productivity Specialist who shares his invaluable tips on how to make time your friend, and bring self-care into your work and life.

‘Leading the Way at Work’ – Carrie Benedet

Meet Carrie Benedet – A Global Leadership coach who shares her advice on how to bring love into your leadership style at work and home.

‘Wisdom of Love’ – Nancy Valentine Smith

Meet Nancy Valentine Smith – An ancient Wisdom Facilitator who shares her knowledge on how to bring love into your life.

Financial Freedom’ – Julie Hyam Elliott

Meet Julie Hyam Elliott – An experienced Business Growth Strategist who shares her top tips for financial freedom.

Episode #1 – It’s All About Love!

Join Scarlett Vespa at The Conscious Room’s premiere show on ‘It’s All About Love’, featuring amazing guests to share advice, tips and insights on health, business, spirituality and lifestyle.

‘The Colour of Life’ – Belinda Jeffrey

Meet celebrity colourist Belinda Jeffrey – CEO of salon La Boutique, who shares her key tips on how to utilise your hair to prepare for a change in love!

‘Astrology Love’ – Josephine Corcoran

Meet Josephine Corcoran – An Astrologer and Holistic Executive Coach with an update on 2020 and her tips on how relationships will change this year!

‘Love Your Intuition’ – Irena Isabella Kleut

Meet Irena Isabella Kleut – Intuitive Expert, Film Writer and Producer who shares her wisdom on how to connect with your Intuition.

‘Relationships & Love’ – Elizabeth King

Relationships & Love with Guest Elizabeth King hosted by Scarlett Vespa Meet Elizabeth King – Relationship Coach who shares tips on how to bring love back into your relationships and WHY we never learnt