We Wanted to Share Some Things Might Need Right Now, to Help You Through the Global Crisis.

During this unprecedented time, we wanted to share some basic tips to help you in the areas of business, health, lifestyle and spiritually. There is a lot of great information and online resources being updated daily in terms of government policy and business help packages available, however we just wanted to share some of the basics we believe are key to living in this new world.

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This is where most people are panicking, and understand the reasons why. Assessing your basic essential ongoing expenses is the first step. Look at your expenses and cut down anything you are able to right now. Ask each of the businesses/ suppliers you pay monthly or weekly, whether they would be open to either giving 3 months free service, reduction in service costs, deferment of payments for a set time or any other short term assistance the may be able to offer you during this time. It’s important to keep in mind the businesses and individuals you support right now and who support you, think flow. Don’t just cut off your suppliers in a state of panic, address what you can in an appropriate way and then speak to an expert about next steps.

Products & Services

Some of you have businesses that will be able to survive this climate with little upheaval, as your services are digitally based. Even then, most will need to adapt their current offering, reduce fees and get creative with operations, to not just help your business survive but to also help others. At this time it’s important to remember, we are all in this together. Think about what people need right now and how to bring ALL your skillsets to the fore. Be of service where you can.

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Keep your immune system strong, fear is itself a virus and it can suppress the immune system by flooding us with various hormones including, cortisol and adrenaline. The mind and immune system need to sit in a delicate balance. Stress, whether chronic or sudden, can make us ill. Make sure you sit in the sun when you can even if just for 2 mins, stretch and eat well.


This is probably the most important part of our life now, to look after our mental state. Fear creates mental stress and of course because this is unprecedented, we don’t know the ultimate outcome, which can rightly cause us to feel very scared. Remember nothing is permanent and focus on each day at a time. Get creative; it’s through these times the most incredible creative work comes often comes to fruition. Tap into that part of yourself that wants to express itself, share the emotion, insights and help others.

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How We Do Things

Our lifestyle is different now, it’s a new world and soon there will be a new ‘normal’. All you can do in times of upheaval is control what you can, and remember that we are all in this together. Social isolation is not about being unconnected (we personally prefer the term physical isolation and being social during this time is vital). Think about this time apart as a healing, a place to build your own sanctuary and immunity. Find your new rhythm, feel the flow of change, call your loved ones and friends, work from home and remember to keep breathing!

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From Fear to Love

As we become more conscious of the deep fear that is arising, remember this fear has been slowly building for a while, even before the emergence of this Pandemic. With technology usage on the rise, we have been bracing for change. The fear that is rising, has been held down for a long time and now is being released altogether making it stronger than ever before.

Those who have been actively participating in some sort of spiritual practice are the least impacted at this time. Why? Because we believe everyone is a spiritual being, and therefore our physical world is always evolving and requires constant change. Yes, it’s uncomfortable and painful but when you deeply understand impermanence and release your attachment to material things and in fact your own physical body, the fear will drop and what is left is love. Love for another beings, this precious world and how we are indeed one consciousness. Trust is part of the process of moving out of fear and if you can do anything to trust the process without the left brain trying to save you (fight/flight), you will find a shimmer of peace to get through this time.