The Guidance Team

Now more than ever we need support and guidance to navigate change in our life. To help, we have created our ‘Guidance Team’ or as we affectionately call them – our ‘White Knights’. You’ll meet our Guidance Team over the coming months when they drop in on our weekly coaching sessions Wednesdays at 11.00am (AEST), and you can also see them as guests on our TV Show! 

If wish to be part of our Resources as Expert, then Get in Touch!

Scarlett Vespa

Show Host & Transformation Coach


My passion is to help those who are ready for a life shift, to be the best version of themselves!

Nancy Valentine Smith

Ancient Wisdom Facilitator

nancy valentine smith

I am here to facilitate the change on the planet, to heal the wounds that arise from our current global crisis.

Josephine Corcoran

Holistic Career Coach & Astrologer

JC Hero LR Profile

To give people the knowledge of what is possible through astrology and practical tools.

Irena Isabella Kleut

Intuition Expert & Producer

irena isabella kleut

Intuition is our compass to what is love, and all you need is love.

Carrie Benedet

Global Leadership Coach

Carrie Benedet

Global Leadership shapes the very fabric of our world, I am here to help you find yours to navigate this new world.

Julie Hyam Elliott

Business Growth Strategist

Julie Hyam Elliott

I am passionate about helping women find financial freedom, from there you can build a life you love.

Mina Zheng

Feng Shui Expert

Mina Zheng Feng Shui

I believe that each patient has a unique set of issues that can be helped using various modalities that suit individuals.

Jules Brooke

PR Expert

jules brook pr

I am here to help people learn to be on mainstream media and passionate about supporting women in business.

Elizabeth King

Relationship Coach

elizabeth king

Relationships are what makes life successful, meaningful and healthy. I just love helping others.

Mario Halouvas

Productivity Specialist

mario halouvas

I am passionate about helping people save time and specifically how to work at home.

Mary Jo Rathgeb

Spiritual Coach

Mary Jo

I am passionate about helping people move from fear to acceptance, this will change their world.

Jennifer Bicknell

Workplace Lawyer & Speaker

jennifer bicknell career change support

Prevention is the best solution, get informed and learn to have difficult conversations.