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What if you had the support, advice and inspiration you needed to change your life? What if you realised you were not alone and felt included and guided in a way that nurtured not only your career and business but your SOULPerhaps you’ve been made redundant at work or you’re looking to get back into work after parenthood?  You’re experiencing corporate burnout or maybe you’re just feeling generally lost and need some guidance about what to do next. 

All of those situations are extremely common today and some come with mighty challenges that often force us to look for more meaning in our life. The Conscious Room was created to learn how to manage, what can feel like a life crisis, but is really a modern-day rite-of-passage

The Conscious Room offers the tools & inspiration you need, as you explore a change of career or start that business you have always dreamt of owning. You’ll have access to online courses, private coaching groups, events and meetups. To further inspire you on your journey we have created a TV Show on health, business, lifestyle and spirituality which launched ‘Valentines’ Day’ and of course, the first episode is all about LOVE!

This exclusive community is a place for you to feel supported and inspired to show up everyday.

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