Discover Your New Career and  True Purpose.

Discover Your New Career and  True Purpose.

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Right now we are having to pivot and adapt the way we work and run our business. This is a work revolution and finding direction during this global crisis is challenging. We want you to know – you are not alone!

Perhaps you’ve been made redundant at work, or you are now looking to get back into work after parenthood? Maybe you are feeling adrift due to the global crisis and need some guidance about what to do next. Whatever the challenge you are facing, it is important to look for solutions to not only survive but thrive as you search for meaning on your journey.

We created The Conscious Room to give you the tools, guidance and the community to support you during this life-changing journey. We believe that our career is the modern-day rite-of-passage and there are signs showing us the way, if we know where to look.

The Conscious Room gives you access to online courses, LIVE private group coaching with our ‘Guidance Team’, who will share their expertise tips and answer your questions. To further inspire you on your journey we have created a TV Show on health, business, lifestyle and spirituality.

This exclusive community will awaken success in your career or business. Take our Quiz and find out your next career step. Love and sparkle from Scarlett & The Conscious Room Community.

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