Everything to Build Your Business in only Seven Weeks 

With The Conscious Entrepreneur + Brand Maker – Scarlett Vespa

Are you ready!!! Are you excited???
You SHOULD be…

Because TODAY you will know how to set up YOUR business
in just SEVEN WEEKS!

So no more procrastinating, no more excuses, this is the day
you can say ‘I’ve started and I’m on my way.’


“The course is amazing, it has what you need to start your business, she’s thought of everything.”

Sue, Sydney AUS

Sue sydney

I CAN’T believe she has shared all this content – it really is an A to Z of what you need and so easy to follow…

Jordan, USA


The quality of the templates is amazing, it looks like I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my business – love it!

Mary, Canada

sue callan

Before we begin, let me 

introduce myself.

Who am I?

I’m Scarlett Vespa, a brand maker.
I have been working with Entrepreneurs and businesses for over 20 years helping them build their brand from the ground up.

My experience and knowledge in marketing and technology allows me to guide and share what you need to bring your dream to life. As Head of Broadcast for CBA, one of Australia’s largest banks, I worked to nurture the brand vision in the most cost effective and authentic way.

Today more than ever, entrepreneurs and business owners need to be across technology that will provide the most contemporary service or product offering. That is why I’ve created a program that will give you all the tools you need to not only build your business, but stay up to date with the changes that will affect the very heart of your success. Not only do you have these tools but you have me coaching you personally every week as you set out on this exciting path to build a life you love.

scarlett 3

Publications & Media I’ve worked with… (Read more)

Let’s do this! Start your dream business and step into a life you love.

Seven Weeks to Build Your Business
PLUS coaching & guidance by me!
Everything you need from ‘Brand to Launch’
2  Over 50 templates including videos & worksheets
3  Lifetime Member with Evergreen resources
4  Closed Facebook group for Q&A and support
5  Branding, website, video, social media, publicity
6  Marketing strategy template + social media scheduler

“The course literally HAS everything you need to start and market a business and the quality is ridiculous!”  Elizabeth, Life Coach 

It’s time to create the one thing you are here to do!

She’s so incredible at being able to sink into who you are, she brings out what is unique about you and the results are truly magical.

Josephine, Sydney AUS

She guides you every step of the way on the journey and let’s you be yourself so you can find yourself. I highly recommend her!

Christie, Sydney Australia


Working with Scarlett is a JOY!
SO many opportunities have opened up for my business since working with her – I highly recommend!

Carrie, Sydney AUS

It’s Time to Create Your Success Story!

When I had lost everything and had no money to spend on help from anyone, I spent years learning every part of a business. I used my own knowledge of business coupled with my time as head of broadcast at CBA, to really look into what worked. I learnt how to make the best websites and have now built hundreds for my clients and my own work. I have built campaigns, created social media schedules, brand guides, worked out the easiest way to market yourself including creating funnels and SEO – which we’ll be adding to the course shortly. 

So here you are, wondering if this will work for you. You may be thinking  ‘I don’t have the time’ or ‘can she REALLY help me?’ I get it, I’ve been there. 

I am committed to helping you build the business you want, find the right solutions so you can feel safe and confident in what you are creating. You will have a lifetime of support and advice through the membership and lifetime access to the course. I also know that when you are starting something, nerves arrive and that is SUPER normal. My week one is all about right mindset, so I will take you through how to make sure you are thinking the right thoughts to build your business. I will show you how it can work for EVERYONE and why. Let me take you through EXACTLY what it means to do this course and join this group…

Will it work for me?


If you have just a business idea and not sure about next steps, then this will help take you through EVERYTHING you need to do.


If you have a small budget and concerned about the cost, then this is for you, there is very little cost once you get into the course, only for hosting your site and domain name mainly.


You don’t understand business well are more creative/spiritually inclined, then I SO understand that space and help many others just like you. This is delivered in a way to help integrate that part of YOU, so it feels GOOD and EASY!

Not a techie person, so it’s great to do a course that was easy and simple to work with, even her videos made things so much clearer on how to do it.

Prue, Brisbane

Let’s Check out the value you will be receiving!

Week 1: Mindset + Strategy
Discover how to get ready for transformation. You will learn…
– Intention Setting
– Clearing Obstacles
– Manifesting your Vision
– Creating a Healthy business

{Valued at $500}

Week 2: Branding + Message
You will need to bring your idea to life. You will…
– Discover your USP
(Unique Selling Proposition)
– Articulate your Brand
– Clarify your message
{Valued at $375}

Week Three: Business + Productivity
We will give you the tools for your business, such as how to:
– Create a Business Plan
– Buying Your Business Name
– Trademark your logo (How to apply)
– Set up your G-Suite account
{Valued at $500}

WEEK 4: Logo, Colours & Design
You need to bring your BRAND to life. Here you will learn how to…
– Design a Logo
– Create a business card
– Create your email signature
– Create a presentation template
{Valued at $500}

Week 5: Website Creation
Your website is your shopfront, here learn EVERYTHING you need to know…

– Buying Your URL (Domain name)
– Choosing the right platform
– How to set up your website
– Creating your Services + how to charge
– Setting up your Shop
– Design apps + software (Canva)
– Online appointments (Choosing the right platform and how to integrate)
– How to set up your SEO
– Setting up your GA (Google Analytics)
– Creating your Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram Accounts
– Integrating your Gmail and social media accounts
{Valued at $1,375}

WEEK 6: Stills + Video
Learn how to take a compelling photo and engaging video!
– How to prepare for a stills shoot
– How to prepare for a video shoot
– Video direction 101
– Photography 101
– Apps for video + photography
– Best FREE stills + video stock photos
{Valued at $750}

Week 7: Publishing tools for Marketing & Social Media
Discover the platforms you need to be on to get your brand, service or product out there!
– Learn to Blog effectively – best times
– Build your social media strategy
– Using Facebook in your social media
– Instagram: Creating a great looking feed
– Have a right Twitter voice for your brand
– Set up your Newsletter + how to integrate
– Creating your own Podcast
– Chatbots – Choosing the right one
– Building a Webinar + Funnel
{Valued at $1,125}

Including 2 Months Membership {Valued at $78}

Total Value of Program is $4,000

Seven Weeks to Build Your Business is normally $997
Buy Today and pay only $247 

I have absolute trust in her – people say I am not the same person, my transformation has lead me to many new business opportunities and a new relationship.
Julie, Sydney AUS

Julie Hyam Elliott 2

She’s helped me in a way that has allowed me to be seen and how I want to be seen in the world – amazing.

Kamala, USA

money back

What is different about Scarlett is she uses her intuition and really sees who you are and brings that out in a way that makes you go ‘wow’!

Mary Jo, USA