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Kamala Murphey

Spiritual Teacher

My passion is to work with women who have experienced heartbreak. Why? Because I know that when the heart is broken, it’s actually an opportunity for more love and healing to come in, if we’re willing to allow it.  When you have a broken heart, it is an opportunity to create incredible transformation in your life.

Always a bit of a mystic, 17 years ago I became acquainted with Sufism and the idea of “Oceans of Love.” The practices I learned deepened my connection with God and my innate abilities to transmit love, peace and healing.  I am a Sufi Master Teacher and have Masters degrees in Counseling and Theology, so my passion has always been about helping others awaken to possibility through challenges, grief and sometimes tragedy.

I teach and mentor others to be the leader in their own life and through my programs and workshops enable the participants to experience and meet the spirit that is always there guiding them.

I live in Northern California with my hubby and (currently) two fluffy felines.


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