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Elegance is your essence that emanates from within you and around you, your special code…… Elegance is a higher octave of Style…!!!

Irena Isabella Kleut

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Intuition Expert & Film Producer


Female Intuition with Intuitive Expert

Introducing The Conscious Room TV, created and hosted by brand maker and conscious entrepreneur Scarlett Vespa. Each week The Conscious Room will feature a carefully selected group of conscious leaders and entrepreneurs, experts in their field, who will share their knowledge and advice about love, lifestyle, business and spirituality.


Irena Isabella Kleut

Intuitive Expert & Film Maker

Irena Isabella has started her creative and intuitive journey as photographer and progressed into film, writing and intuition teaching. In all her client dealings she uniquely fuses inspirational and intuitive approach. She has helped many women and men to reconnect with their true essence and life purpose. She has found unique way for it to be elegantly and naturally expressed and woven into lifestyle. She draws her inspiration from treasure trove of her unique life experience, her travels and education. She studied Film at Sydney University, Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design and Art History at Ça Foscari University of Venezia.

Irena is working with actors, musicians, producers, film writers, artists, bussines people and individuals who are ready to embody their essence and live their true life purpose.

Irena teaches how to listen your Intuition and is regular speaker at conferences and inspirational events, internationally.


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