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Right now you may be facing the biggest career change of your life. It’s a new world and a new way of being in the world. Fortunately, as humans we are built for change. We may feel uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it just means you have to refocus and adjust your lens on life.

How to Work From Home

Our Founder, Scarlett Vespa, has developed a package through her Digital Marketing Agency, to help those who need to pivot in their career and looking to start a business from home. The package includes a session with Holistic Career Coach & Astrologer Josephine Corcoran to uncover your Astrological blueprint and then Scarlett will develop your brand, your message, your offering and then bring it life with a logo, website, social media headers and the assets you need to be online. 

Step 1: Career & Purpose 

A 90 Min session with Holistic Career Coach & Astrology Expert, Josephine Corcoran will help you articulate and discover your purpose, your blueprint in order to take the path that will support you during these uncertain times.  It will establish a foundation as YOU find the answer to your best direction. 

The Escapist Co

“She guides you every step of the way on the journey, she lets you be yourself so you can find yourself. I highly recommend her!” 

Christie, Sydney

“I have absolute trust in her – people say I am not the same person, my transformation has lead me to many new business opportunities and a new relationship.”

Julie, Sydney AUS

Julie Hyam Elliott

Step 2: Brand & Messaging

Brand-Maker and Founder of The Conscious Agency, Scarlett Vespa will help further that astrological blueprint and build a business and service for you to create your new Business from Home. This starts with an initial 90 Min session and includes other sessions during the entire process of building your new business.

Step 3: Digital Asset Creation – Logo, Branding & Website

Your logo is created by Scarlett Vespa, who has extensive experience in logo and website design. Her unique and intuitive process infuses your vision into the branding. The new branding will be used on the home page and throughout the website and social media to have one consistent look and feel that reflects the heart of your brand. She will create an Instagram template for you to work with and you’ll have access to ALL the business tools on the course in the membership and this package includes ONE YEAR membership to The Conscious Room!


1 x Astrology Session with Josephine Corcoran + Chart
4 x  Branding Sessions with Scarlett Vespa
Logo Design & Asset Creation for Business
Website Build on WordPress & Integrations
3 x Social Media Accounts Set up with Headers Designs
Set up Gmail + Signature for Your Email
12 Months FREE Membership to The Conscious Room
Guest Interview on our Media Platforms

TOTAL $4,750
Note: Fees in USD (AUD on brochure below) and doesn’t include Tax. Website doesn’t include hosting, domain name, imagery (only use of free stock) and Gmail. Payment is 50% upfront to commence and 2nd 50% 4 weeks later unless otherwise negotiated (100% upfront you will receive 10% Discount). See T&C’s when signing up. 

Resue + Remedy - Purpose to Business Pkg
USD $2,125 every month for 2 payments
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