Hello and a HUGE welcome to you and an even bigger CONGRATS on taking probably one of the most important steps in your life – committing to bringing your dream into reality. I have created an intro video for you, it will show you how the course works, how to get the most out of the process and some inspiring news about what this course is going to also do to your life. It’s not just any course, it’s a path to nurture you to create transformation and change in ALL parts of you life.  Firstly, you’ll see at the very top of this page, you can toggle between the WEEK BEFORE and the NEXT WEEK – with the ASK QUESTIONS tab going to the Facebook closed group ‘Mrs V Studio’ for the course. In the top menu you can visit THE HUB and that is where everything is in one place on the page, including the links to each week, the RESOURCES page, FACEBOOK sign up and the UPDATES page. There are 4 things you need to do before you start this course – it’s important to watch the video BEFORE  you follow the four steps below. Enjoy and again welcome!

Download the TEMPLATE KIT, these are the templates for the entire course. You DON’T have to worry about checking it out now, as I will give you a link all the way through the course to the right template at the right time. If you want to jump ahead, you have it all there available to you at any time. Also when you click the template + guide buttons on your way through each week and each step, most will be downloaded (not pop up), so make sure you check your downloads after clicking. The template kit is also available to buy in the shop for the same price as the course – just as an FYI!

Sign up to the PRIVATE FACEBOOK Group ‘Brand to Launch’, that is where you can ask questions and get feedback on your journey. It’s also how I’m going to communicate any new updates or bonuses I’ll give you to.

Download your COURSE CALENDAR, it’s a great snapshot to have on your desktop, print and put on your pin board. I also urge you to do that because what happens when our sub-conscious sees the plan it will support you in delivery it. You mind will see it’s possible and how. 

Here is the list and links to the FONTS I use in my templates. You may want to use your own but if you’d like to use mine, then here is the list. Please that I am not allowed to give to you, you must download, most are free AND if the link has changed and not available, then let me know and I’ll source again. However, these are most up to date I could find right now.

Didot Fonts:


Brandon Grotesque:

Din Condensed:

Some other downloads that will be useful before you start WEEK 1.