Mrs V Newsletter


Welcome to ‘The Conscious Room’, created for you to find the inspiration and information you need to create a career and life you love. I have spent my life re-inventing and re-branding myself on a mission to find my happy place. It’s been incredibly challenging but absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much about so much. I am bursting to share and support you on your journey of discovery. We are in a great time of change and there is so much fear about our future, confusion about what to do next and anger about not being heard. Please know that for most this change is going to lead you to a brighter, deeper and more meaningful life, now is the time to focus on how to read the signs, trust your heart and take that leap of faith in you and the world will open so many doors to success.

The Conscious Room is a place for you to feel supported and inspired to show up everyday. Being a conscious entrepreneur is ALL about showing up, yes – everyday! I look forward to meeting you on this precious journey to find YOUR happy place. Scarlett xo

Scarlett Vespa, The Conscious Entrepreneur and Brand Maker – is a Sydney based entrepreneur and business owner who has spent 25 years working in advertising including being Head of Broadcast for CBA, Australia’s biggest bank. Scarlett was one of the first female ad directors in Australia and spends her time creating things to inspire and educate. More  stuff she does: Singer, Guitarist, Writer, Illustrator, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Women’s Advocate, Spiritualist, Self-help and recovering Psychic Junkie, Born-Coach, Lover of fashion, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and an Artist of life.